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Stories Behind Things: From Earth to Basket

FROM EARTH TO BASKET | To celebrate the beautiful, sustainable and precious craft of basket weaving and to help complete this essential chapter in the story of our baskets – their prologue, if you like - we made a little film about it...⁠
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Beauty, Bicycle Baskets and Ferris Bueller - Meet Xanthe B!

 Londoner Xanthe Berkeley caught our eye on Instagram some time ago. She’s a filmmaker and photographer with a thing for bold colour, the great outdoors, and pedalling around London on her famous yellow bike. We fell head over heels for the beautiful way she captures everyday moments: it speaks to our own appreciation for the art of slow living. And when Xanthe (pronounced Zan-thee) started using our APANA woven bicycle basket on her travels we fell in love a little bit more. Here are some snippets from a long overdue catchup…

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