Our Tanzanian woven baskets make use of the country’s versatile milulu grass and celebrate the extraordinary weaving skills found amongst the people working within its network of village cooperatives. These fair trade baskets represent true sustainable style and ethical production. 

These weavers – and all the weavers we partner with - are paid a fair and pre-agreed price for each basket they produce for us. The individual, depending on their skillsets and their availability for work, can choose their own volumes of work. Being able to work from home means that weavers – mainly women - can fit weaving in with their existing jobs and chores, and no income is lost travelling to sell at markets where haggling can reduce earnings considerably. Working as part of a weaving cooperative means that the business comes to them, and regular training is given so that the group can keep abreast of market trends, and stay competitive. 

These woven baskets are familiar utility items in Tanzanian homes, woven to hold foodstuffs primarily. They find their place all over the modern home, bringing bags of ethical style and natural beauty to the kitchen or bathroom, living room, the utility room and the playroom.

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group of tanzanian weavers - the basket room