Our mantra is connection through craft. By bringing the age-old craft of basketry to the global market, we empower thousands of talented women living rurally in Africa to support themselves and their families more sustainably throughout the seasons.

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We do not make our baskets in factories. Instead, they are handmade by individual artisans using traditional weaving skills that go back generations.

The Basket Room aims to keep this age-old craft alive, where it would otherwise be a dying craft with the risk of being lost as a tradition from these communities.

We want our products to have a positive impact, be timeless in style and remain in homes for years to come. We will always stay true to our slow-fashion philosophy.

pack a Picnic

The Picnic Basket

The WAA-A picnic basket is ethically handwoven in Northern Ghana, featuring a woven lid and carry handles.

Pack yours up with tasty treats or take it fruit-picking or shopping at your local market in the spring and summer.

Our Sustainability & Ethics

At The Basket Room, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Whether it is the materials we use, our long production cycles, how we support the artisans who weave our baskets, or using low-carbon transport. At every point of our journey, we always try to put the planet and people first.

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At The Basket Room we LOVE to see how you're using your handwoven African baskets, whether it be a basket for your laundry, a colourful woven basket bag for your knitting or a bicycle basket...SHARE your photos using the hashtag #mybasketroom on Instagram and see them appear here! Remember to tag us in your photo @thebasketroom

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