About Us

Holly and Camilla

Photograph © Emma Lewis

We are Camilla and Holly, co-founders of The Basket Room!

We met studying fashion design at art college, and have come together years later after gaining experience in design, production and retail to found The Basket Room. Holly started her ethical journey in fashion on a road trip from South Africa to Nairobi, when her eyes were opened to another side of the industry. Camilla quit her fashion job in London to explore her dreams of sourcing intricate and locally crafted decorative products from this East African hub of creativity. 

The Basket Room is an ethical lifestyle brand, specialising in handwoven baskets and accessories made in Africa. Woven with vibrant colours & unique patterns, we work directly with weaving cooperatives in rural Kenya, Ghana & Tanzania to create stunning collections. 

Versatile and beautiful, each basket can be used for organising bathroom toiletries, tidying away playroom toys, injecting some colour in to kitchen shelves, treating plants to a pretty pot cover, as a desk tidy or bedside table pot. Our new bike baskets and shoppers are the latest fashion accessories, perfect for shopping trips around town!

Our main goal is to create access to market for these talented weavers, to provide them with a sustainable livelihood and the recognition they deserve. Many of the weavers rely on subsistence farming but when crops fail during dry periods, they turn to the art of weaving as an essential alternative income.

Our unique perspective allows us to provide a truly ethical product with minimum outside involvement. Photographs of the weavers with each basket enhances the connection between the maker and buyer, and highlights the transparent supply chain

So welcome to our woven wonderland! We hope you find something you like.

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