The weavers are our life force - the sheer spirit of THE BASKET ROOM and the raw talent behind every fair trade basket we sell. Every woven basket has been worked on exclusively by one weaver, and each basket is their very own work of art before it becomes yours. Woven meticulously over a number of days, your basket has accompanied its creator on their daily errands from home to field to farm, enabling the weavers to earn a precious second income without having to give up their other jobs and responsibilities.

We’ve searched far and wide to partner up with the most remarkable artisans and networks of weaving cooperatives in Africa. We’re proud and privileged to regularly spend time with them all - getting to know the people, the raw materials and the harvesting, dyeing and weaving processes, first-hand.

The weavers take centre stage. These are their stories. Listen and share.

Where are our baskets made?