Lidded VIPI laundry basket doubling up as stylish bedside table. Image: @kitandco_

LAUNDRY. Love it or loathe it, it’s an inescapable fact of life and something that has to be done – week in and week out. Whether your home is a shrine to neat piles and domestic order or if you struggle to ever get on top of the mountains of dirty clothes your household produces, an excellent laundry basket or two will lighten the load in more ways than one. 

HERI Natural and White Speckled Laundry Basket £105


We’re all about marrying up practical, versatile storage with beautiful homeware - and a handwoven laundry basket is an investment that ticks all the boxes. In fact, of all the baskets you could choose for your home we think that the humble laundry baskets work harder than all of the others because if you’re anything like us it will hardly EVER be completely empty…

Meet our top six:

Bring a pop of colour and style to any corner of the home with this beautiful VIPI laundry basket, hand woven from doum palm leaf in coastal Kenya. This collection comes in three sizes, each boasting a broad band of sunflower yellow against white. These lidded laundry baskets also make brilliant storage for toys, quilts, blankets and other bulky bedding. Other colourways also available.
Image: @ydre_oe
Image: @madamepanier
Deep and robust enough for fireside logs and kindling yet equally suitable for use in the nursery, bathrooms and bedrooms, this large laundry basket with leather handles will bring a splash of artisanal style to any corner of the home. Other colour combinations also available.
Image: @howefarmflowers
These Ghanaian market baskets are all totally unique: created according to the artistic choices of the individual maker. They make ideal shopping or picnic baskets and are perfect for transporting laundry to and from the washing line.
These carry-handle market baskets come in three handy sizes and perform brilliantly as sturdy, open laundry baskets with handles when the need arises. They’re made from veta vera grass which grows wild locally and is incredibly robust when woven - a stylish and sustainable alternative to plastic.
Image: @ydre_oe
These stylish square storage baskets are hand woven in Tanzania from local milulu grasses. They make super handy laundry baskets for separating laundry into categories: great for bigger households and for neat shelf storage. They’re also great baskets for tidying away all your other laundry clutter - powders, pegs and fabric softeners.
The striking two-tone KAZA shopper bag is handwoven in Kenya’s rural Eastern Region, and hand dyed using 100% natural dyes. Use yours for ferrying laundry from the machine to your chest of drawers or washing line. When (or if…) the laundry’s finished it can be used as an everyday handbag with room to pack for overnight stays, grocery shopping and trips to the gym. We love versatile baskets!

 Image: @erica_davies

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April 30, 2021


Holly said:

Love my sisal and leather handle laundry basket, makes carrying the laundry to the washing machine all that more easier…and colourful!

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