With more than 41,000 posts under the hashtag #basketwall on Instagram, wall baskets, decorative wall fans and fringed woven wall hangings bring natural texture to any space.

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Colourful fans and baskets hung on walls can cleverly link colour schemes and create a sense of harmony and flow between rooms.

Image credit: Dee Campling

 We spoke to Interior Stylist Dee Campling who offers her wisdom on the value and beauty of handwoven basketry and wall hangings in the home.

The lovely Dee Campling

As we all look to create and embrace our own individual home style, I’ve recently looked again to beautiful, natural woven baskets and wall hangings with fresh eyes.

Zambian, Tanzanian and Zimbabwean Woven Wall Baskets from £35

Image credit: Dee Campling

Basketry has always been a brilliant way of adding instant texture to space. The inclusion of storage baskets in a living room, for instance, will not only provide flexible storage for toys, logs or any kind of home paraphernalia, it will also add an important design detail. 

Image credit: @the.history.keeper

Do you need to add texture to an otherwise plain room or functional space? Just add baskets, or throw down a woven rug. 

Image credit: Dee Campling

Would your room benefit from some curves to soften a space or echo another curve in the room? Add round baskets. 

Image credit: @nia.carrousel

Do you have a problem with scale and proportions of furniture in your room? Experiment with baskets of different sizes to soften the problem and distract the eye. 

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Image credit: Dee Campling

The beauty of woven baskets too is that they go with any interior design scheme. The use of woven baskets in a cottagecore, Scandinavian or rustic interior scheme is a well tried, tested and much-loved idea. However, it also has a place in other design styles. 

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Image credit: Dee Campling

Here, in this neutral scheme, the Zambian wall baskets and Kenyan fringed wall hangings have been used to create a soothing, fluid pattern in a bedroom. 

Zambian and Zimbabwean Woven Wall Baskets from £35

Image credit: Dee Campling

The theme is then taken into the hallway in order to link and provide flow between rooms. 

Use woven wall hangings to create a sense of continuity between spaces

Image credit: Dee Campling

The same can be done with a colour. If you like colour then think about what colour you would like to add to the room with woven baskets, fans or fringed wall hangings. Then consider how you’re going to pull that colour from room to room in order to provide harmony. 

Image credit: Dee Campling

Here the Ghanaian decorative wall fans have been used to form a headboard whilst adding a bold splash of colour to the room. The Zambian wall baskets also make an excellent bedside table for futon beds, by the way! 

Experiment with places to hang your woven fans to bring a pop of colour and texture. 

Image credit: Dee Campling

So, as well as their undisputed usefulness, think about the shapes, colours and scales when buying your wall baskets, woven fans and wall hangings - and then have fun using them to creatively to join your interior ideas together. The beauty of wall baskets is that you can’t really go wrong – they’re guaranteed to add warmth and personality to your space, whatever you choose. 

Zambian weavers showcasing their incredible work


How do you actually hang the baskets on a wall?

All our woven wall baskets have a simple grass loop integrated into the back of each piece, enabling you to hang them easily on a hook or a nail. Our decorative wall fans have a large loop in their handle for simple wall hanging, and our fringed wall hangings have a small yarn loop on the reverse for hanging.

 How do you lay out a gallery wall?

Browse Instagram and Pinterest to see how others have done it: have fun and experiment! There are no rules here, but you could try starting with your largest basket in the centre and work out toward the corners. Focus on the two diagonal corners and try to create a sense of symmetry here, with two larger baskets or two smaller ones in these corners – or you could work with mirroring colours in these corners. Lay your woven baskets or fans out on the floor and play around with arrangements until you’re happy with the look, then take a picture for reference before you begin hanging them.

 Where should I hang my wall baskets?

Literally anywhere that could do with an injection of colour, style, texture or character! We’ve seen incredible basket walls created above beds, on kitchen shelves, in entrance hallways, above fireplaces, climbing up stairwells, in small bathrooms, in colourful playrooms. Decorative wall fans can be hung from doorknobs, cupboard doors and rows of cloakroom pegs.

A row of woven wall baskets add depth and texture to the wall space behind simple shelving units. 

Image credit: @thelittlevictorianhouse

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May 28, 2021


Alice Temple-Bruce said:

Wonderful baskets and fans….They are similar to The Gilbert & Ellice islands where i lived for a few years and colours where starting to appear with bought in food dyes. Thank you for the Colours,shapes and arousing such good memories.

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