21 Beautiful Storage Baskets For Decluttering Your Home

As we count down the final few weeks before we can socialise and MAKE PLANS again, spring cleaning and decluttering are high on the agenda for many of us. Good home storage has, for many, been a sanity saver over this past year – and for every storage conundrum, we have a woven basket.

Our homes have been working hard over the past twelve months to meet all the additional demands we’ve made on them. Living rooms have become nurseries, classrooms and gyms; our kitchen tables and bedrooms have been transformed into offices from 9 – 5 and cleared away for the evening before being unpacked again the next morning.

KUZUIA Fluoro Pink and Natural Woven Storage Baskets from £16

Our spaces have also become more cluttered as we have adapted and embraced doing practically *everything* at home. Some of us have accumulated new equipment as we’ve finally found the time to learn to knit or paint or bake during our quiet evenings and weekends; others have welcomed avalanches of hand-me-down books and toys from friends and family as we have adapted to home-schooling our children and entertaining our babies and toddlers indoors throughout the long winter months.

Nifty Knit storage baskets from £37 | Image credit: @l_officina_del_libro

And with the closure of charity shops, we’re having to more mindfully address the things we bought and no longer want or need, by either passing things on, repurposing them - or finding good storage! 

Handwoven laundry baskets from £78

So before we start opening up our lives and homes again, we need good, practical home storage. And in an ideal world, beautiful storage! Here are our favourite 21 woven storage baskets for decluttering your home and creating long-term harmony and order.


Hand embroidered storage baskets from £32

Bring a splash of cheer to tidy-up time with a hand embroidered sisal storage basket, sustainably handmade in Kenya.

LAWRA round storage baskets from £79

From logs to blankets to toys and laundry, these beautiful round woven baskets, hand-woven in Ghana, are the perfect storage solution.
SHELL embroidered storage basket £32
Embrace the trend for scallop-edges and all things nautical, with this hand embroidered basket that's the ideal size for plants, jewellery and toiletries.
HAPA lidded laundry basket from £78 
Bring joy to laundry day with a lidded laundry basket, handwoven in Kenya from sturdy Ilala Palm. These laundry baskets also make fab storage for bedding and linen.
FRAFRA rectangular storage baskets from £43
These Ghanaian rectangular storage baskets are the perfect shape for that narrow space down the side of the sofa, and they look great on shelves. 
MAZAO fluoro pink stripe storage baskets from £16
These bold and bright storage baskets come from our signature basket collection, designed by us and produced by the Kenyan weaving group we have partnered with for the longest. 
KITAMBAA laundry basket with pink stripe and handles £105
These beautiful sisal laundry baskets double up as brilliant shopping baskets, log baskets and toy storage. 
NYUMBA black & natural lidded baskets from £25
Lidded storage baskets ethically and sustainably handwoven in Tanzania - perfect for tidying away toiletries, tech, jewellery, toys...
Image credit: @ydre_oe
You'll keep on finding uses for these unique woven baskets. Use yours to bring a pop of colour to a shelf, dressing table or windowsill. 
RAHISI square storage baskets from £14
Photo credit: @the.history.keeper
Woven from Tanzanian milulu grass, these stylish natural storage baskets come in four different sizes - perfect for decluttering your kitchen, bedside table, bathroom or home office.
AMANTIN woven changing basket £135
A stylish space for baby nappy changes (the basket comes with a foam mattress) which also looks great on an ottoman or coffee table as a stylish and practical tabletop tray. 
VIZURI black and natural storage baskets from £35 

These beautiful striped baskets are made from Tanzanian milulu grass. The weavers themselves use these baskets in their homes for keeping kitchen staples like maize and beans dry.
These beautiful round woven floor baskets are perfect for logs, rugs, toys, laundry - you name it!
LAVUSIMO WINTER woven bowls from £15
These Swazi baskets make stunning fruit bowls and bread baskets – and look fabulous matched with coasters, placemats and table runners.
Photo credit: @collins.kr
These unique bread baskets also make perfect storage for jewellery, TV remotes, watches, coffee pods, laundry supplies, trinkets and toys.
DETSI market basket £55
 A round woven basket  made in Ghana that's roomy enough for storing towels or blankets and strong enough for carrying logs. 
KUNDI laundry basket with handles £105
 Another versatile number - you can store all kinds of household clutter in this super-stylish and roomy laundry basket. 
YULE lidded laundry basket from £78
Bring a splash of Kenyan style to any corner with a hand-woven, lidded laundry basket. These ones come in three sizes and can also be used as log baskets. 
Photo credit: @the.history.keeper
You'll find endless storage uses for our bolga market baskets, handwoven in rural Ghana. 
SARUFI Pink Cloud Storage Basket £35
Bring a dash of pink to your interiors with this beautiful handwoven basket - perfect for plants and stashing knick knacks away prettily. 
NIFTY KNIT unique storage baskets from £37
Inspired by tribal wedding baskets, these Kenyan storage baskets are woven by women of the Kamba tribe.
Time for a spring clean? Shop all storage basket collections here.

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