Bring joy, colour and texture to your desk, shelf or kitchen table with beautiful woven planters and hanging planters filled with spring bulbs, cacti or green and glossy houseplants. We've got a planter for every corner of the home, and you can now search by size, and colour! 

NDIZI Banana Fibre and Sisal Baskets from £16

There are so many health and wellbeing benefits to filling your home with greenery, and now we're all spending a lot more time at home than usual lots of us are making our first leap into 'plant parenthood' - or expanding their leafy broods. 

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Research suggests that having houseplants in your home can improve both  psychological and physical health. The presence of indoor plants has been shown to reduce stress levels, heighten mood and improve attention span.  Physically, surrounding yourself with houseplants can reduce blood pressure, fatigue and even headaches.

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1. Where should I keep my houseplant?

A lot depends on your plant's light requirements. Too much or too little light can quickly stress a plant, which makes them more prone to disease, pests, and premature death. Fortunately, most plants come labelled with information about their sunlight preferences . Getting optimal lighting for your plant can take some trial and error, so you'll have to monitor it closely. Remember also that if you have underfloor heating be sure not to place any houseplants directly on the floor - prop them up on a stool or base to avoid overheating them.

LAINI charcoal black and natural striped baskets from £16
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2. Tell me about hanging baskets...

Hanging baskets are a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in, and most trailing plants are super-fast growers which don't need a lot of light. Trailing plants over drawers and desks lends a lush sense of the wilderness to your indoor spaces. Trailers like spider plants, ivy and silver pothos are also some of the most commonly propagated houseplants, so with a simple hanging planter you can enjoy endless, beautiful foliage all over your home. 

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Our jute macrame hangers work best with the XS, S and M size baskets from our Linear Fusion, Plain + Tie Dye, Colour Block, Unique Woven PlantersExtra-Fine Colourful Woven Planters and Extra Fine Natural Woven Planters. Each 'net' has some give in it thanks to the clever knotting of the macrame, so they'll adjust to accommodate a larger basket and likewise 'hug' a smaller basket. 

3. What about feeding and compost for my houseplants?

As they grow, they use up all the goodness given to them by the compost they are planted in. Feed them every six to eight weeks for best results. Give your houseplants fresh compost every 12 months; if the roots are looking root bound, move them to a bigger pot and planter - and watch your plant grow!

Small is beautiful! Search for your woven planter by size.

4. I'd like to grow flowers indoors. Where do I start?

Go for it! Try tulips or paperwhites at this time of year - buy the bulbs yourself or purchase a pot ready-planted from your local garden centre or plant shop. Once your bulbs have finished flowering inside, plant them in the garden so they can bloom again for you again next Spring.

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5. How do you keep a woven planter dry?

Your plant needs to be planted in a plastic or ceramic pot with drainage holes first, then placed on top of a saucer or some thick plastic inside the base of basket to protect your woven planter from water damage. Remove your plants for watering and allow the plastic pot to dry out a bit before returning to its woven planter. See here for more basket care tips. 

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6. Where could I put a hanging basket?

Practically anywhere! You can place them on shelves, desks and mantelpieces and let the greenery trail over the edge - or you can buy a one, two or three-tiered hanger to hang your baskets in. Typically, hanging baskets work well in window recesses where open space is going spare, but they also look fab hung above baths and basins, hung from mantelpieces and bookshelves, and hung from the ceiling in areas of the home where you could do with attractive vertical storage such as a kitchen, bathroom, utility room or playroom.  

CACTUS hand embroidered planter £32 and XS Colourful Fine Weave basket from £19 in MEGHNA two-tier jute macrame hanger £19
7. Which houseplants work well in woven planters?

Ferns, spider plants and - our favourite – senecio rowleyanus (string of pearls) all make fantastic plants for hanging baskets. You can fill your woven planters with dried flowers or faux plants if you prefer, or plant them up with herbs or spring bulbs. We love the idea of a three-tiered hanger in the kitchen, with each basket planted up with herbs for cooking with. 

8. When should I repot my houseplant?

Houseplants typically need to be repotted every 12 to 18 months, depending on how actively they are growing. Some slow growers can call the same pot home for years, but will just require a soil change. Spring - before the start of the growth season - is usually the best time to re-pot your houseplants. Click here for how to repot. 

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If you see one or a combination of these signs, you'll know it's time to repot:

Roots are growing through the drainage hole at the bottom of the planter
Roots are pushing the plant up, out of the planter
Plant is growing slower than normal (different than winter dormancy) 
Plant is extremely top heavy, and falls over easily
Plant dries out more quickly than usual, requiring more frequent waterings
Aboveground parts of plant take up more than three times the pot space
Noticeable salt and mineral build up on the plant or planter 

LAINI charcoal black and natural striped baskets from £16
Photo credit: @howfarmflowers

With thanks to Howe Farm Flowers, The Sill, Countryfile and Pointless Plants for all their houseplant tips. 
January 10, 2022

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