Make home your very own sanctuary of calm and balance, with organic and verdant shades of emerald green.  Because our brains naturally associate green with the great outdoors, bringing green accents into your home can have a deeply calming effect… and my gosh, we all need a bit of that these days.

Luke Edward Hall & Duncan Campbell's flat

Image Credit: House & Garden

So you’re going to be seeing a lot more of emerald green this year according to the trend forecasters at Etsy.  They’ve already seen evidence of shoppers looking for handcrafted and unique ways to bring greens into their homes and lives, with searches for emerald green décor up 64%

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‘Symbolizing harmony and growth, along with royalty and refinement, emerald green is the perfect colour to remind us to find balance this year.”
- Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy Trend Experts

Duncan Campbell and Luke Edward Hall’s maximalist Camden flat

Image Credit: My Modern House

More dynamic and daring than ‘safe’ greys and pastels without being totally off-the-wall, green is a supremely versatile colour you can use all over the home regardless of your personal interior aesthetic.

Deep greens of the emerald variety also complement a range of interior colourways – from burnt terracottas and milky neutrals to bold metallics – making it easy to incorporate into an existing scheme.

Kitchen decorated in Farrow & Ball  Bancha. ‘Named after Japanese tea leaves, it provides a feeling of security,’ says the firm’s head of creative, Charlie Cosby
Image Credit: The Times

Green decor also dovetails beautifully with another booming prediction for 2022. Word on the street is that the Swedish concept of lagom - a philosophy that roughly translates as “not too much, not too little” - will dictate the way in interior and fashion this year. Perhaps you already live by this motto?
How to green up your interiors:

Layer up

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“If you’re combining different shades of green, a quick rule is to stick to using either yellow-based greens or blue-based greens. Try using a dark green shade on the walls, but for the furniture and accessories, use a lighter shade of the same green.

“I love grey-greens as neutrals, because they’re a very forgiving base and look immediately luxurious.

“Olive shades can act as the chameleon of most schemes, as they’re warm, earthy, and mutable – use them with harvest golds, oranges and pale blues.” 
- Colour and paint expert Annie Sloan
Pair with care

Image Credit: @akdesignstudios

Make the most of your colour choices by styling with carefully selected accessories.

“Green works especially well with walnut or brass. Walnut is warm and brings out the brightness in more muted greens, while brass accents give a luxe edge to the colour scheme.”

- Megan Holloway of Sofa Workshop.
Consider light

Image Credit: @mad_about_the_house

If you’re thinking redecorating, make sure you know which way it’s facing and therefore how and when the light will hit. This is especially important with deeper tones.

“A deep, dark shade of green in an east-facing room will make you feel invigorated in the morning light, before darkening into a cosy den for the evening.
"Then for a west-facing room, I’d recommend a bright emerald green. The brightness will liven you up in the morning when the room is getting less natural light, but it will also stay vibrant and energising once you get home from work.” 
- Zoe Anderson, founder of lifestyle store A. Green.
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January 24, 2022

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