Choosing the perfect gifts for your friends’ children or your godchildren - even grown up ones - at Christmas can be a conundrum. There’s often the feeling that a ‘godparent gift’ ought to be something a little more special – more meaningful and lasting – than other presents they might find under the Christmas tree. (This is where we resist the urge to go off on a tangent about how ALL Christmas gifts ought to be meaningful and lasting, but we'll come back to that again soon...)

Tableware from £10.50

Like many of us, you too might know that inner conflict between choosing something that a child or teenager will love instantly but perhaps not forever (we all want to be Fun Auntie, right?) versus gifting something tasteful and well-made that their parents - your friends - will appreciate and thank you for!

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So whether your beloved goddaughter is a toddler, teen or twenty-something, here are some gift ideas everyone will love...

Mini bike baskets from £39

Woven in mini-sizes perfect for strapping to bikes, trikes and scooters, these colourful bike baskets are handwoven in Ghana. They can be buckled to bed rails and filled with favourite books and toys when they've outgrown their bikes, or passed on to younger siblings. Or you can simply remove the leather straps and you have a beautiful little storage basket for a shelf or bedside table. 

Hand embroidered storage baskets from £32

A gift that truly gives back is one that helps with tidying! These handwoven and hand embroidered storage baskets are adorned with playful motifs and make beautiful bedroom or playroom storage. Fill a small one with sweets and chocs!

Unique Bucket Bags and Backpacks from £49

For your teenage or twenty-something goddaughter or niece, gift them a woven bucket bag or backpack that's just as unique and special as they are. She won't spot anybody with the same woven bag - each one is a one-off work of art, handwoven in rural Kenya.

MVINYO Teal Stripe Sisal Wine Basket £24

If you tend to give a bottle of fizz or a special bottle of red at Christmas, ditch the gift bag and pop it in a handwoven wine bottle basket instead. These tall woven baskets make beautiful tableware and are also handy for storing kitchen utensils.

ALIZETI yellow and white colour block basket from £16

Image Credit: @kitandco_

Woven storage baskets will keep finding new uses for themselves as they grow. Smaller baskets are lovely for keeping special toys and hair brushes and accessories in, and then craft materials, jewellery, tech, plants, and keys. 

KIBALE: Small Pink, Brown and White Wall Platter £30.00

Wall baskets are here to stay: they work with virtually every interiors scheme and we have them in natural tones as well as bold brights. A single raffia and palm wall basket like KIBALE will bring colour and texture to any corner of the home, and plenty of character too. Shop all woven wall baskets and fans here








November 17, 2021

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