As Valentine’s Day approaches, show what's in your heart and choose a Valentine’s gift that echoes your truest values. 

KIFALME Mellow Rose Wool and Sisal Tote Bag £ 95.00

Image Credit: @emmapaton___

Does the whole Valentine’s thing make you cringe a little? You're not alone! Don’t resort to hiding your real feelings behind silly and throwaway gifts – because what is that really saying? Show them you cherish them with a gift that's as unique and as perfect as they are to you. Something that will bring joy throughout the seasons.

The answer, lovers, is handmade. Handmade gifts – like handwoven baskets - are crafted with patience and care. Baskets take time and simply cannot be rushed. And like all the most fulfilling relationships, you’ll keep discovering new chapters to your basket story. This is a gift that’s here to stay.

Bestselling KUZUIA  Fluoro Pink and Natural Woven Storage Basket from £16

To gift a handwoven basket helps us continue to support our partner weaving groups with a steady flow of work which is sociable, sustainable and safe. It’s a beautiful gift that gives and gives…

So whether you’re shopping for your Valentine, Palentine or Galentine (or your wonderful self) we’ve got the perfect handmade Valentine’s gift for every kind of love.

For your BFF

Handwoven Bike Baskets from £49
Image Credit: @xantheb

What better gift than a woven bike basket for your very own ride-or-die? A symbol of adventure, fun and freedom, handwoven in rural Ghana.

 For your work wife
One for you and one for me: pick a pair of mini sisal planters for your office spaces. Fill with plants or a packet of their favourite work snacks. Each one is different: these unique woven planters come in complementary pairs that bring out the very best in one other. Handwoven in Kenya.

For your new beau

Hand Embroidered Baskets from £32

Our hand-embroidered, handwoven baskets are would make a stylish and flirtatious Valentine’s gesture. Choose MIDOMO with her sensual lips, or soundly-sleeping JICHO. Wink, wink! For a more platonic and playful kind of love, choose between rainbow, catcus, llama, pineapple, shell and watermelon motifs.

For your longtime soulmate

MAIVA Dancing Baskets from £32

The MAIVA dancing basket, with its unique, undulating curves and organic form, is the perfect emblem of the ups and downs we ride together as soulmates and friends for life. Its circular shape – like all baskets - speaks to the everlasting nature of love.

Treat Yourself!

KAZA: Handwoven Blue, Pink and Black Wool Tote Bag £34.50 in SALE



Extra-Fine Colourful Woven Planter Baskets from £15.50



CHAGUA: Handwoven Pink and Blue Wool Bucket Bag £ 49.00


Shop our Valentine's Gift Collection here, showcasing some of our most popular basket designs and collections. These are the ones our customers fall in love with time and time again...  

February 07, 2022

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