HAPA: Dusky Pink Colour Block Lidded Laundry Basket

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Meticulously hand woven, the HAPA lidded laundry basket boasts a raspberry pink and white colour block design, made from tightly woven, hand-dyed doum palm leaf. This collection comes in three sizes.

These beautiful and practical laundry baskets with lids have travelled from the shores of the Jade Sea on a journey of sustainable craft and ethical production. Each laundry basket in this very special collection is made by a weaver living on the shores of Lake Turkana in North West Kenya. This region is part of the renowned ‘Cradle of Mankind’, where some of the earliest evidence of human evolution has been found. It’s also an area notorious for its severe drought, which this arid land and its people have endured since the eighties.

Due to long term marginalisation, poor infrastructure and little integration with the wider Kenyan economy, many Turkana people live in relative poverty. In 1992, a Catholic charity started up a basketry craft project to help support the livelihoods of women in a number of settlements along Lake Turkana - and today 300 women from six local villages weave baskets as a means of income.

For many of these weavers, this work is the difference between putting food on the table, and relying on emergency relief. For this craft group to gain wider access to market – through increased basket orders from The Basket Room – means sustainable livelihoods and the growth of the Turkana economy. 




S: H: 40cm | Dia: 40cm
M: H: 45cm | Dia: 45cm
L: H: 50cm | Dia: 50cm

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.