It is well known that ethical fashion doesn't have to be boring, sustainable fabrics don't mean itchy hemp and fairtrade doesn't have to be hippy.

Welcome to the 21st Century of Sustainable Fashion: Chic and Responsible. 

To embrace the modern, cool and new wave of eco-chic we've teamed up with a few of our friends, who like us are doing things a bit differently. 


Babouche shoes by ABURY
ABURY brings together exciting design with traditional craftsmanship from inspirational cultures to create timeless and authentic fashion accessories and re-invest in social projects.
Top and Pants by CRUBA
CRUBA creates finest womenswear essentials with artistic references to built an urban wardrobe. Everything is manufactured in and around Berlin - all clothing.
Earring and necklace by MAXIMOVA JEWELRY
MAXIMOVA JEWELRY is an independent jewellery label based in Berlin. Everything is made to order in Germany - fine jewellery.
Accessories by HIITU
HIITU is a design project with focus on creativity, sustainability and craft. The offer handmade jewellery, bags and accessories created in fair collaborations with artisans around the world. 
and of course our handwoven APANA bike basket made in Ghana 
September 28, 2018

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