"Textures like crumpled linen, weathered wood and handwoven sisal fibres work in mismatched unison to create a home that’s a true ode to imperfection."

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When Japanese-style functionality meets light and cosy Scandi style, we see a beautiful blend of aesthetics take shape in the home. Japandi interior design takes inspiration from the traditional Eastern ‘wabi-sabi’ philosophy that celebrates all things naturally imperfect. Yay!


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Whilst this hybrid trend comes from two cultures seemingly worlds apart - Scandinavia and the Far East - both influences are led by minimalism. Both Nordic and Japanese interiors are focussed on function-driven spaces and statement pieces rather than over-abundance of colour and clutter.


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While typical Scandi style is all light woods and pretty pastels, Japandi adds a masculine edge with darker timbers and indigo dyed fabrics. While the imperfections add warmth, the cooler tones and minimalist design sets a tone of sophistication.

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Where Japanese spaces can get overly sleek, the rustic details in Nordic design add variance. Where Scandinavian interiors have a tendency to be so neutral they can appear antiseptic, the rich colour palette of Japanese design gives the room more warmth.


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What we really love about this interiors shift is the fact that its focus is on conscious consumerism: beautiful handicrafts that tell their own rich story; functional and well-made objects that will last for years.  



Here’s how to pull together a Japandi look at home

Muted Colours

Grey is your go-to shade - from charcoals through to dove – with lavender and blush if you’re partial to this end of the palette. Use dark, inky blues for contrast.


Organic forms and imperfect finishes are what wabi-sabi is all about. Spend your money conscientiously on handcrafted home accessories and fittings.

Raw textures

From the bristly edges of a sisal log basket to wonky timbers and homespun linens

Perfect Imperfections

The crackle on thrown ceramics and that charming wonk on the pattern of a handwoven basket or rug


Choose and make a feature of beautiful products which will stand the test of time in your home


Both styles rely on natural elements to bring a sense of the organic to the space, so introduce some plants into your Japandi home.


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October 17, 2018

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