Can't handle the cuteness! There is nothing our followers love more than seeing pictures of pets in woven baskets, so we thought we'd bring together some of our absolute favourite customer snaps of their beautiful dog baskets, dogs IN baskets, basket cats and even one cheeky duck in a woven picnic basket. Enjoy!

What a dude!
Small Handwoven Dog Basket £110
Photo Credit: @theyesmummum

"Are you trying to tell me something?"
HUNTUMA Handwoven Moses baskets from £133
Photo Credit: @laurenifen

Pet baskets also make wonderful floor baskets for toys! 
Large Handwoven Dog Baskets from £155
Photo Credit: @jasminehemsley

Mimi, why you so cute?
Natural Handwoven Dog Baskets from £110
Photo Credit: @heartsandglitter_

The stuff of dreams...
Hand Embroidered Motif Baskets from £32
Photo Credit: @lollyandteddycavapoos

Can't deal with the cuteness...
Colourful Woven Planters
 from £19
Photo Credit: @alresfordlinen

Unique Handwoven Dog Baskets, made in Ghana, from £110
Photo Credit: @imrichlodge

Shh! Ted's napping!
Medium Woven Dog Beds from £130
Photo Credit: @deecampling

Those blue eyes... such a pretty kitty!
Neon Pink Striped Storage Basket from £16

Party pup!
Small Handwoven Pet Beds 
from £110

Photo Credit: @colorful_kimmes

All tucked up - HOW cosy does this basket dog look?
Nifty Knit Basket
 Bags from £69

Duck & Cover!
Handwoven Picnic Basket £79
Photo Credit: @deecampling

Purrrfect! Aja naps in a LAVUSIMO DESERT Bread Basket, from £15
Photo Credit: @louises_perspective

Pugs and pineapples: it's an obsession!
PINEAPPLE embroidered storage basket £42
Photo Credit: @oliviajanejones

RIP gorgeous Kuku - the original basket cat. 
Photo Credit: Co-founder @camsillas

Don't forget to tag us in your basket pics on socials (with or without your furry friends!) and use the #mybasketroom hashtag to be automatically entered in our monthly draw for a £100 voucher to spend on MORE baskets!

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October 18, 2021

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