Setting up The Basket Room in Spring 2014, we made a decision to just be a retailer, wholesale seemed like a whole other world away! As we took our baskets across the country, enquiries from retailers came in thick and fast. We knew that we had to respond, but how? Most of our baskets were all one off unique designs, handwoven in South Eastern Kenya, a long drive from Nairobi. Designs created by the weavers, sizes determined by what they were used to making. Beautifully made and very creative, but how could we wholesale one off baskets? 

The talented, creative weavers in South Eastern Kenya who make our Unique Collection

So, the plans began. We made contact with a local government person in Nairobi who advised us on new weaving cooperatives closer to the City, we reached out to them and met on numerous occasions to discuss our ideas and how we could work together.  Translators were vital, as was patience! We had planned for the launch to take just 6 months, but quickly learned that it was a long process and cooperation was needed from all parties. At the same time we linked up with a weaving cooperative in Northern Ghana, and also started designing and sampling baskets with them.

The Basket Room Kenyan Basket Weavers

Two weavers hand rolling sisal in Kenya

The Basket Room Ghanaian Bike Basket Weavers

Member of the weaving cooperative in Ghana who make our Bike Baskets!

It is now just over one year since we started discussions with the weavers in both Kenya and Ghana: tape measures, scissors, dye drums and design packs given to the groups, samples have been sent and feedback given. Camilla and the team in Kenya have been on countless production trips out into rural terrain to train the weavers, provide support, pick up and pack many baskets! We have all measured, stacked and unstacked, packed and unpacked 1000 baskets in the past two months!

The Basket Room Kenyan Weavers

The weavers in Kenya who make our Linear Fusion collection

We are so very excited to say that our wholesale business has now launched and you can find a selection of our baskets and bags in both UK based shops and internationally (click link below to find out where!). We have also worked out a way in which we can wholesale our beautiful, unique baskets too, so no one loses out. Our aim going forward is to increase capacity to supply more shops, this will create more work and income for the weavers and new groups. We would love to expand our offering and designs and make The Basket Room a truly global brand!

The Stockist List 



Clare Renardson said:

Would love to buy some of these beautiful baskets wholesale .. please could you let me know details of how to go about this. Many thanks


Beth Fisher said:

Hi! My name is Beth Fisher. We have two restaurants in a beautiful marina and a resort shop in Orange Beach, Alabama, USA on the Gulf of Mexico. Our business name is Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina. You can look us up online. We LOVE your baskets and story. We are interested in buying your baskets and bags wholesale to sell in our shop. Can you please send me information on how we might be able to do this and get your wholesale pricing and shipping rates. Thank you much! Hope to hear from you soon.

Erin said:

My sisters and I own an online boutique in which all our items at ethically sourced and fairly traded! We love your baskets and would love more information on your wholesale opportunities!

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