Fashion on the catwalks and the high street is full of bold colour, punchy slogans and brave patterns at the moment and we are absolutely HERE for it. ‘Dopamine dressing’ is one of the biggest trends to emerge from the pandemic, when we were all missing out on the kinds of happy-making experiences we once took for granted.

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Fashion-wise, dopamine dressing is all about injecting joy into your wardrobe in the form of bold colours, outré prints and colour clashes to create a look that screams HAPPY, HOPEFUL AND FREE.

Image: Vogue Business

 Miranda Holder, The Feel Good Fashion Coach, says “there is now a sense of lost time and seizing the moment, of celebrating life, and what better way to celebrate it than putting on your glad rags and showing up to this life as the very best version of yourself?”


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We’re seeing dopamine dressing in the homes of Tik Tok, Pinterest and Instagram too. Pinterest reports an increase in search terms related to this trend, with an 85% increase in people looking for ‘colourful living room ideas’ and a fourfold increase in ‘bright bathroom’ searches.

Maximalism: a masterclass. Unique handwoven dog baskets from £130
Image: @colorful_kimmes

Not sure where to start? Think wall art bearing upbeat slogans, neon dip-dyed candles and colourful planters overflowing with uplifting greenery – the more you look around, the more you’ll see that 'dopamine dressed' interiors are everywhere. Perhaps you're already doing it without realising..?

Colour clash! Woven lampshades from £89
Image: @twolittledrakes

While cooped up during the pandemic, many of us began to move away from safer, muted interiors in favour of more lively and maximalist expressions. Perhaps because nobody was looking?  Or, in the case of Interiors influencers, because everyone was looking..? Perhaps you too have made some more impulsive interiors choices in recent months?

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Jo Littlefair, co-founder and director of Goddard Littlefair, explains that interiors can act as a ‘balm for the soul. “Colour is incredibly emotive and we have deeply rooted associations with certain colours and tones” she says. 

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“Layered onto this is a joyfulness when you see colour and pattern mixed together in a skilful way that makes your heart sing a little. It’s experiencing something refreshing and just a little bit different or unexpected that gives us all mental lift.”

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May 06, 2022

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