Winter hibernation takes on a new kind of meaning this year, so as we start to naturally spend more time indoors as the seasons change, we’re also looking for ways to make the home a comforting as well as a comfortable space. 

The home has also become more of a multipurpose space for so many of us over the past six months – we’ve been working and home-schooling and producing more home-cooked meals every week than many of us were accustomed to. 

For those who have been furloughed, the home might have received more TLC this summer as we got around to DIY jobs and perhaps even learned some new crafts or skills. For others, cooking and baking became a priority as we made a more conscious effort to shop locally and eat well. For so many, the home descended into chaos as its role changed overnight…

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We have also perhaps entertained more at home than ever before (when and where permitted) as our usual hangouts closed or changed the way they operate and the need for human connection intensified. Shopping habits might have changed too, as delivery slots disappeared before our eyes and we started to think more creatively (and locally) about where and how we spend our money.  

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It’s impossible to touch on all the myriad ways – positive and negative - that the ways in which we live have been touched by this virus, but it’s safe to say that virtually everyone is using their home differently now. As autumn begins, we want to talk about ways to welcome these changes and fortify our homes for the winter with both cheering and practical touches. 




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Eating out simply hasn’t been an option for so many of us for much of this year, so create a sense of occasion at your own dining or kitchen table with beautiful handwoven tableware, candlelight, and the sharing of good food with good friends. Home gatherings are going to be more intimate - or limited to household bubbles only - for the time being, so all the more reason to make these moments feel extra-special. Ethically handwoven from sustainably sourced grasses in Kenya and Swaziland, our stylish handwoven bread baskets, placemats, coasters and serving bowls will bring a soothing sense of Mother Nature to the table.



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We’ll never tire of telling you that plants are your friends and that house plants are so good for one’s creativity and sense of health and wellbeing. Particularly in the winter months, it’s cheering to see greenery and growth in the home when things get a little cold and sparse outdoors. Choose woven planters that will double up as stationery pots and holders when your plants outgrow their pots, and bear in mind that our large woven planters make excellent home storage for all that clutter - and can be temporarily repurposed as beautiful Christmas tree planters too!


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Zoom meetings and family catch-ups are with us for the foreseeable, so give your colleagues and loved ones (as well as yourself) an upbeat backdrop by styling up your workspace with a collection of handwoven wall platters or a few woven planters (as above) filled with pens and pencils or plants. It’ll feel good to take the time to change things up and breathe some new life into the space. A change is as good as a holiday, or so they say…


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It’s the time of year for more indoor play, and with that comes a whole lot of additional clutter to clear up at the end of each day. Make tidy up time a less onerous task (and hide away all that LEGO) by treating yourself and your home to a beautiful handwoven storage basket or two. You could redeploy one as a Christmas tree planter, come December…  

We hope that you find some contentment in doing a few small things to make your home a more comforting, versatile and welcoming place for the winter months. As always, please do tag us in your basket pictures and use the #mybasketroom hashtag on social media – we’re continually inspired by the ways our customers use basketry to transform their spaces.

October 19, 2020

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