It’s a trend that’s been seen on the catwalks for some time already, but this bold approach to colour pairings is also making waves in the world of interiors. Colour blocking is a wonderfully simple way to freshen up your living space, and often it won’t require big commitments (time or money) as it’s much more about placements and combinations of colour.


This is also potentially a trend that many will shy away from for fear of ‘getting it wrong’ but with colour blocking there really are no hard and fast rules: it’s all about instinct. Trust your judgement and challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone interiors palette, though bear in mind that colour blocking doesn’t necessarily mean BRIGHT on BRIGHT. Though personally we've never shied away from that..!


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Broadly speaking, colour blocking can be achieved on your walls, in your furniture arrangement, and with your choice of home accessories. That’s not to say that you can’t or shouldn’t colour block in all three mediums at once, but if you’re taking your first steps towards ushering some colour into your home, we suggest that you start small and gradually turn it up as you establish which tones and pairings really speak to you.



Three ways to explore colour blocking in your home:


  1. PAINT
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Choose your room and divide the walls horizontally before painting each section  - or just apply fresh paint to one section and leave the other in its original shade. This is a way to bring character to a space without committing to an all-over colour change, and it’s half the work of course! Achieve a sharp, geometric look by using masking tape to demarcate the wall division, or keep the edges blurred for a more organic look. Want to try something even more daring? Paint the ceiling or a radiator - or if you’re in a period property, the fireplace and mantelpiece - in a bright pop of something zesty!


  1. TILES
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We all #havethisthingwithtiles really, don’t we? From tiling an entire wet room or your hallway floor to a simple basin splash back or statement hearth, there are so many places in the home that you can experiment with colour blocking through this medium. Go for solid colour tiles against solid wall colour, or do the colour blocking thing with the tiles themselves by playing around with colour and pattern.


Lidded colour block laundry baskets from £78 - Image Credit: @ydre_oe 


Rugs, throws, curtains, cushions and baskets all offer the opportunity to experiment with colour blocking without the same sense of commitment that comes with a tin of paint or tile adhesive. The simplest touches like a trio of cushions in an unexpected shade, for example, can instantly update a sofa or armchair. Likewise, woven planters or laundry baskets in two-tone colour blocking will bring a playful feel to an otherwise neutral zone.


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July 17, 2020

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