South-West of Nairobi, amongst the pineapple fields and hills, scattered villages are joined together by a very dusty & bumpy track. In June 2015, The Basket Room ventured off-road, to visit three weaving cooperatives, with the hope of working closely with the women & establishing a long,working partnership. With pieces of paper, a translator & packed lunch, we met the weavers in their cooperative workshop. By workshop, I mean a rustic, brick building, no bigger than a garden shed. But it was where the ladies would meet, to discuss projects. It was a humid day, although Winter, it was still hot. The women seemed rather nervous, a little timid and unsure of us. We were from different cultures, with a different Mother Tongue, yet we were able to communicate with our mutual understanding of craft, design & appreciation of handmade. . 

Four months on, and after many production trips: sampling of designs, burst car tyres & long days, we are extremely proud & excited to introduce our first collaboration with the weavers; LINEAR FUSION.

Madame Dorcas, Chairlady (above right) has worked extremely hard in encouraging the cooperative from Day One. We hope you love these baskets just as much as we do! It's the start of a journey, of women supporting women in enterprise & working together as one. 


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