10 Best Baskets to Declutter Your Home this January

There is nothing quite like a New Year to inspire us to make the changes we have been thinking of over the past twelve months. It's a fresh start, an opportunity to tackle the January declutter we promised ourselves in November when 2024 seemed like a million years away. But many of us find ourselves asking, where do we start?

Out with the old, in with the new is a popular expression at this time of year, but with our 10 Best Baskets to Declutter Your Home this January, you can hold onto all your beloved knick-knacks, decorations, toys, and accessories while creating a cleaner, more organised home.

Set Your January Declutter Goals

If you are overwhelmed at the thought of decluttering your home this January, breaking it down into manageable daily tasks could help with your mindset. Decluttering your children’s bedrooms with all those freshly unwrapped books, games, and Christmas toys will take considerably longer than reorganising your bathroom with a new laundry basket or towel basket, so set your goals before you begin and take things one day at a time.

If you need help planning, download one of the many printable decluttering calendars or planners online to help you manage your time. You may need two, three, or even four days to declutter a larger room, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get through it in a day. It’s not about perfection but progress, so set achievable goals and tick them off as you go along.

If your children have returned to nursery or school, use those precious hours to declutter their bedrooms with stylish, sustainable storage baskets to keep their playtime essentials out of sight. If you still have little ones at home, motivate them to join you on your decluttering quest by making it fun with brightly coloured toy baskets, and 2024 could be your most organised year yet.

Choosing the Best Baskets for Your January Declutter

When it comes to decluttering the home, woven baskets will bring order to your chaos while making a stylish addition to any room. They are practical, portable, and perfect for organising bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and family living spaces, and those made from organic materials will bring a touch of nature to every corner of the home.

One of the many benefits of using storage baskets for your January declutter is functionality. You can use them to organise anything from blankets and throws to toys, arts & crafts, tech accessories, linens, laundry, and books, and style them on units, bookcases, kitchen shelves, or even under seating and children's beds to elevate your interiors.

Handwoven storage baskets, laundry baskets, and toy baskets are versatile, sustainable, and ideal for organising the workplace and home. Here are a few of our top picks for your January declutter: 


woven square storage baskets

RAHISI: Natural Square Storage Baskets

Rahisi natural square storage baskets will make a welcome addition to contemporary bathrooms, living rooms, guest rooms, and kitchens. Handwoven in Tanzania using local Milulu grass, a reed-like grass native to East Africa, they are stylish, sustainable, and available in a choice of sizes to organise everything from toiletries and linens to baby accessories, sweaters, organic veggies, and kitchen cupboard essentials.

Lining up square storage baskets on bookcases and shelves will instantly organise your smaller spaces while creating a custom storage solution. The neutral colour palette of Rahisi storage baskets coordinates effortlessly with minimalist interiors and vibrantly coloured homes, making them a solid investment for your January declutter. 



KOFI: Natural Square Storage Basket

It takes up to three days to handweave a Kofi natural square storage basket, but this cube-shaped carry-all will declutter your home in minutes. Handmade in Northern Ghana using wild Veta Vera Grass or Elephant Grass, this Bolga basket is ideal for organising loo rolls, hand towels, and toiletries in family bathrooms, newspapers, magazines, and remotes in living rooms, and books, games, and toys in children’s bedrooms. 

Kofi storage baskets slot seamlessly into IKEA shelving units, and their natural colourway complements modern and classic interiors. Choose these sustainably made storage solutions for your January declutter, and you’ll lower your carbon footprint while organising your home.


Circular Storage Baskets

If you intend to use your January declutter to upgrade your interiors, circular storage baskets will help you do just that. Colourful, characterful, and conveniently crafted with integrated carry handles, these handwoven storage solutions will change how you organise your home for good.

These circular storage baskets are handwoven in northern Ghana using the finest locally sourced materials. They are stylish and sustainable, making them ideal for eco-conscious homes, and they are perfect for storing blankets and throws, logs and kindling, toys and books, and those shoes cluttering your hallway. Use them on the floor or a shelving system to transform the most disorganised room into a neat and tidy haven.


VUTIA: Green Three Stripe Woven Laundry Basket

A new laundry basket, such as the Vutia Green Three Stripe Woven Laundry Basket, is essential for your January declutter. This stylish storage solution will instantly declutter your living space and may even encourage your teens to put their dirty clothes in the basket, not on the floor! 

Handwoven in Kenya using the finest organic sisal grass, the Vutia laundry basket boasts genuine leather handles and colourful stripes against the prettiest shade of sapling green. When you are not using it to declutter your bathroom or laundry room, use it as a stylish beach bag or shopper. It makes a lovely woven toy basket, too.


NUKTA: Turquoise Check Lidded Laundry Basket

If you prefer the ‘out-of-sight, out-of-mind’ approach to your January declutter, a lidded laundry basket such as Nukta could be the perfect choice for your bathroom. Beautifully handmade from doum palm leaf, an organic material native to Kenya, this sustainable laundry basket offers infinite storage options.

You can use it to collect dirty clothes and towels in family bathrooms, declutter teenager’s bedrooms, store toys in your little one’s nursery, or keep blankets and throws in the living room. With its lid to conceal the contents and brightly coloured design, this woven laundry basket makes light work of organising. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.


KUNDI: Natural and Black Colour Block Woven Laundry Basket

Large laundry hampers, such as the Kundi colour block woven laundry basket, make light work of decluttering. They are stylish, sustainable, and suitable for organising all household items, from linens and clothes to baby accessories, cushions and throws, games and toys, shoes and bags, and even firewood. 

The Kundi laundry basket is expertly handwoven in Kenya using local sisal grass. It has genuine leather handles for portability, a roomy interior, and a timeless biscuit and black colour palette to complement urban dwellings and rural homes. When you are not using this woven basket to declutter every room, you can use it as a super-sized shopper at your local organic market or beach bag for a stress-free family day out.


HOJI: Hot Pink Colour Block Woven Baskets

Toy baskets are another January decluttering essential for busy parents who like to keep things organised at home. They are more modern than traditional toy chests, more sustainable than plastic storage boxes, and more practical than original toy packaging. 

Hoji colour block woven toy baskets are handwoven in sisal grass, a durable natural material designed to withstand life with toddlers, tweens, and teens. They are bright and colourful, making them ideal for contemporary kid’s rooms, and they come in three sizes to fill any space. Choose these eco-friendly toy baskets to declutter nurseries and children’s bedrooms, and you’ll be supporting weaving groups in rural Kenya.  


SAFIRI: Orange, Pink & Purple Stripe Woven Storage Basket

Safiri woven storage baskets are another popular option for decluttering teenagers’ bedrooms. With their nu orange, purple pop, and vintage pink stripes, they are undeniably on-trend and come in three sizes to suit every home. 

Use these handwoven baskets to store school books and writing essentials, video games and consoles, socks and underwear, books, snacks, or any other household item cluttering your home. They stack perfectly on shelving units and look fabulous under bunkbeds. Safiri storage baskets are 100% sustainable in sisal grass and support women’s cooperatives in rural Kenya.


SAHIHI: Red Check Woven Storage Basket

Choose the Sahihi woven storage basket for your January declutter to bring vibrant colour into every corner of the home. With its unique checkered design and bright two-tone colourway, this storage basket is ideal for storing bathroom essentials, arts & crafts, remotes and TV magazines, kitchen staples, linens, toys, and more.

Handwoven in Kenya from local sisal grass, the Sahihi storage basket is an eco-friendly option for sustainable homes. It comes in three sizes to suit every storage application, and you can style it on units and bookcases or directly on the floor.

Decluttering Made Easy with The Basket Room

Storage baskets are an investment for anyone decluttering their home this January or any time of the year. You can use them to organise a room in minutes, update family living spaces, and keep those everyday essentials neatly tucked away until you next need them. 

We’re confident you’ll find the perfect storage solutions for your declutter at The Basket Room. Shop our collection today.  

January 22, 2024

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