WAA-A: Natural Lidded Picnic Basket

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Please note: the lids are slightly ill-fitting on our remaining stock, but the baskets are fit for purpose!

Picnic time! The WAA-A picnic basket is ethically handwoven in Northern Ghana, featuring a woven lid and carry handles. We have two handle variations to choose from, both perfectly adequate to transport your picnic favourites! Pack yours up with tasty treats or take it fruit-picking or shopping at your local market in the spring and summer. And the rest of the year? Use your woven picnic basket for home storage: think sewing and knitting supplies, larder storage, loo rolls or toys! 

Natural, undyed and produced from an indigenous grass called veta vera, this woven picnic basket is a work of art in itself and will bring a dash of ethical style to any home. 

The majority of the weavers who produce these picnic baskets are men, having been taught the craft of basket weaving from their own mothers and fathers.  Most of these men are primarily farmers, but drought makes it increasingly difficult for families to make ends meet. Basket weaving brings the opportunity to earn a flexible second income. 

We search far and wide to discover the very best weaving cooperatives across Africa, and we’re delighted to be offering more work to these talented weavers as our collection expands to include these fabulous picnic baskets.



Dimensions: W43 x D29 x H28 cm (approx)

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs. Please refer to photos for handle variations.



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