Bernard Nyerere Kimuli (or 'Buffulo' as he is famously known as in his village) weaves all our rugs and runners at The Basket Room. We call him ‘The Last Loom Weaver,’ because there are now extraordinarily few weavers in Kenya with the skills that Bernard has mastered. We feel so lucky that we are able to work with him, to support him to continue teaching and developing this rare and precious craft. 

Bernard was taught to weave on a hand loom as part of a UN-funded project. Over twenty years later, he still uses his hand loom to weave rugs and runners for The Basket Room. In this time, he has been able to use the money earned from weaving to educate his four children. Weaving provides a steady income when farming cannot. When severe weather conditions mean crops are destroyed and livestock suffers, Bernard can always go back to his workshop to weave.

In Bernard’s own words:

"You may just come to this workshop and find me alone, but I'm still at that loom, just singing and weaving."

Watch our short film, The Last Loom Weaver, to meet Bernard and learn more about his craft, his workshop and his young trainees.

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