Sisal Basket Weavers - South-East Kenya

The weavers who produce these very special baskets are arguably the most creative of all the artisans we partner with, and enjoy full creative freedom in their work. Whilst other collections are based on signature design and repeat patterns developed by The Basket Room, these beautiful baskets are all absolutely unique: made once and sold once.  

These weavers are almost all from farming communities, and live in a particularly arid part of South Eastern Kenya. Some weavers grow their own sisal whilst others purchase theirs from nearby sisal estates. While drought continues to make lives extremely challenging for farmers, sisal grass is hardy and grows well in hostile conditions such as these.

Weaving and selling these unique baskets gives families an alternative income that is ecologically sustainable, legal, and safe in a region where many may otherwise turn to poaching or deforestation to make ends meet. Taking pressure off their vulnerable ecosystem and becoming less reliant on farming is essential for these communities to sustain themselves. Basket weaving empowers women through work that is flexible, creative, and fairly paid, to support their families and to protect their environment for generations to come.