Kenyan Basket Weavers | The Laundry Basket

We’ve searched across Kenya to locate the most talented communities of weavers and we’re dedicated to promoting and protecting traditional techniques. Our stylish woven laundry baskets are woven by members of the Kamba tribe in Kenya, a group renowned the world over for their exquisite handicrafts. Basketry is one of the crafts that the Kamba – one of Kenya’s largest tribes – are best known for.

Virtually all of the weavers who make our laundry baskets are women, and farming is the mainstay of most Kamba weavers’ domestic life. Once married, a Kamba woman is gifted a piece of land from which to sustain her husband and her family. Rainy seasons and hard work in the fields bring cabbages and bananas, oranges, collard and tropical fruit to the table. But as drought persists, these women must increasingly look to alternative ways of providing for their families and paying school fees.

Drought-resistant, Kenyan sisal grass and the flexible art of basket weaving have become the tools for a sustainable and fair trade business model for these Kamba women, and one that protects and promotes the age-old art of basket weaving.

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