Kenyan Basket Weavers | The Basket Bag

The talented women behind our basket bags are all members of the Kamba tribe – one of the largest tribes in Kenya. The Kamba are renowned for their stunning craftwork, especially wood-carving and basketry.

Within these communities, women work the land they are given when they marry, and are responsible for supplying the food to sustain the family. During the welcome rainy seasons, the women grow cabbage, collards, bananas, mangoes, oranges and other tropical fruit. But as widespread drought causes multiple crop failure, new and innovative ways to make money must be found.

Where once these colourful woven baskets – known as kiondos - were made by mothers as traditional wedding gifts to their daughters, today they are made and sold as fair trade basket bags, with the addition of beautiful cow hide shoulder straps.

Drought-resistant sisal grass, coloured yarn from second-hand sweaters, and the sociable art of basket weaving have become the tools for a sustainable and fair trade business model, and one that protects and promotes the beautiful art of kiondo weaving.

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