Up-cycled jumpers are used to create the beautiful baskets in our nifty knit basket and bag collections. These jumpers are bought from local second-hand clothes markets near to the weaving cooperatives we work with in Eastern Kenya. After being washed, the wool is unravelled and then woven into these bright and colourful baskets. The wool is woven around a central structure made from twisted sisal twine.

Each basket has a completely unique design, the weavers enjoy full artistic license to get creative. Once, we even received a nifty knit basket woven from an up-cycled bright pink, glittery jumper that must have been someone's favourite once-upon-a-time! In just four days these talented ladies can transform a tatty jumper into a wonderful woven beauty.

To transform the woven baskets into our colourful tote bags, bucket bags and backpacks, the baskets are taken to a local tannery where cow hide straps are produced and attached by talented leatherworkers.

The baskets in our Nifty Knit collection are traditionally known as Kiondos (kee-yon/-dohs) and were woven by mothers as wedding gifts for their daughters. Although the art of kiondo weaving has been declining, we are proud to be able to support the small handful of groups still practicing the woolly craft.

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