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        The weavers behind this popular collection of fair trade baskets come from Kenya’s Eastern Region, and are especially skilled in producing repeat pattern storage baskets to exacting standards and dimensions. These artisans live south west of Nairobi in an arid area, amongst the hills and pineapple fields. Led by their inspirational chairlady Dorcas Ndinda, these weavers meet weekly to dispatch and receive basket orders, and to weave together. Their brick workshop is no bigger than a garden shed.

        Single mother and greengrocer Dorcas formed this weaving cooperative when she began to struggle to feed her family off the crops she was planting and her earnings from selling what was left over. Aware of several women in the village who wove baskets, enterprising Dorcas approached these craftswomen and asked them to teach her their techniques. Soon, a thriving weaving cooperative was born. Government support soon followed, and Dorcas was trained in business practices such as group leadership, health and hygiene, and agricultural methods. Extensive weaving training – including quality control and marketing -was arranged for Dorcas’ ever growing collective of weavers, and the group continues to thrive as basket orders roll in.

        Profits from Linear Fusion basket sales are reinvested for the benefit of the community. To date, these weavers have purchased a piece of land for developing into a village centre or for building rental properties on. Weavers are also able to take out interest-free loans using proceeds from basket sales after wages have been paid, helping families meet unforeseen medical bills and school fees.

        Shop the Linear Fusion collection here.

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