There’s not one corner of the home that wouldn’t benefit from a little woven basket love. Our fair trade baskets come in a range of sizes from XS to XL, so you can fill your windowsill with rows of little succulents in pretty woven planters or arrange a few different sized baskets in an empty corner of a room and fill with greenery for an instant indoor garden.

We sell cubed storage baskets in a range of colours and patterns to fit IKEA shelving, and our sisal and wool baskets are soft and supple enough to be used in babies’ bedrooms and playrooms. Our ever popular bicycle baskets, made from a stiff grass called veta vera, can be attached to bannister rails as additional home storage for those endless bits and bobs destined for upstairs, and – of course – they look fabulous attached to the handlebars of your trusty bicycle and filled with beautiful blooms!

From the hearth to the hallway we can store firewood and slippers in beautiful handwoven baskets. In the kitchen we might find a row of woven storage baskets for fruit and vegetables, bread and napkins. A woven storage bin makes an attractive home for spare loo rolls and cleaning products in the bathroom, and the playroom pops with playful and inspiring colours when we bring in a collection of striped baskets in different sizes: perfect for tidying away that wooden train set or an ever-expanding Lego collection.

The chaos of the laundry room is brought to order with woven lidded hampers, and that ubiquitous pile of odds and ends on the stairs finds its rightful place in a hand-embroidered basket to be ferried up and down. Our unique woven baskets make handy homes for knitting and crafting bits, TV remotes, cables, jewellery, cufflinks, blankets and toiletries.