IMANI: XL Pink & Red Storage Basket

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The IMANI XL colour block basket is the ultimate home storage basket: use yours as a linen basket, a toy basket or a handy storage basket for slippers, rugs and throws – it also makes a brilliant large woven planter for houseplants. Featuring a rim of red above a base of vintage pink, this large sisal basket will bring a dash of Kenyan colour and ethical craft to any corner of your home. 

Crafting within a weaving group enables women to support themselves and their families with a reliable second income in the dry seasons, where farming alone becomes untenable. Weaving takes place in quiet moments between childcare and domestic work, church and socialising. Basket weaving is in fact a social activity in itself, and women regularly meet to weave together, supporting one another as they chat and work, and watch one another’s children. These women are brilliant with colour, producing sisal in an array of shades through laborious hand dyeing, and their careful weaving work is equally impressive. 

All of these women have woven baskets from a young age – having been taught this age-old African craft by female elders in their families and communities. What was once a traditional pastime is now an income stream for these hardworking women, and your purchases enable us to keep this profitable craft alive.



Dimensions (approx): 35-40cm DIA x 28-32cm H

If you need a specific size please let us know prior to placing your order.
Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.


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