It’s wedding season once more, and after two summers of postponements and cancellations we are seeing nuptials coming back with a BANG in 2022. Whether you’re planning or attending a big blowout wedding this year or a small and intimate affair with nearest and dearest, weddings in 2022 are going to feel like a particular triumph. Huge congratulations to everyone tying the knot this year!

JIONI: Dusky Pink Colour Block Woven Basket from £ 16.00

Image: @blovedblog


In basket weaving as in love, two single threads are twined to form one strong bond. Now call us biased, but we can’t think of a more meaningful wedding gift than something handwoven. Whether you’re buying for friends or family or creating your own wedding wish list of independent and handmade treasures, here are some suggestions from us…

MAIVA: Natural Wave Dancing Basket from £ 45.00

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Wavy MAIVA is the perfect gift for a new home - or to mark a special occasion.  Each one unique, the undulant lines of these decorative 'dancing baskets' are said to reflect the happy times in a village or homestead. Let's dance!⁠ 

Upcycled Yarn Baskets from £45

Our upcycled yarn baskets are traditionally known is ‘kiondo’ baskets amongst the Kamba, Kikuyu and Taita communities in Kenya, and were originally woven by mothers as wedding gifts for their daughters. These types of baskets are a household essential – for storing and transporting harvest, shopping and gifts  - and every woman belonging to these Kenyan tribes has her own kiondo. Our customers the world over use our upcycled yarn baskets as woven storage and woven planters. Each one is unique, and they are woven from a mixture of indigenous sisal fibres and wool from second-hand jumpers.


DUARA: Round Natural Woven Milulu Mat £ 159.00

Image: @kimgraylifestyle

A large woven rug is a significant gift for a significant occasion, like a new home or a wedding. Our DUARA round woven mats are produced in Tanzania from local milulu grass by women of the Iraqw tribe, who originally migrated to Tanzania from Ethiopia and live in the Northern Tanzanian Highlands.  Shop all rugs and runners here.

Unique Ghanaian Log and Laundry Baskets from £105

A Ghanaian log basket is a modern heirloom to be used and loved for many years to come. These tall, colourful baskets can be purchased with or without the addition of a sturdy cotton liner, which transitions a log basket to a laundry basket with style and ease.


WAA-A: Natural Lidded Picnic Basket £ 79.00

Image: @deecampling

Another statement gift they might not have on a list is a woven picnic hamper. Symbolic of carefree days and alfresco celebrations, these Ghanaian picnic baskets are great for taking to festivals as well as transporting tableware, bottles and condiments outdoors for garden parties and lunches.


MBILI: Two Tone Woven Storage Basket £ 16.00

Image: @howefarmflowers

Our round sisal baskets have graced many a wedding table over the years, including the tables at both of our co-founders’ weddings! Plants and succulents in pots and woven baskets make for longer lasting (and more cost effective) table decorations that can be taken home as wedding favours. We have seen a recent upsurge in floral arrangements in woven baskets too. For those looking for more rustic texture on their wedding tables, woven sisal beats glass and ceramic – just pop the vase inside the basket. These baskets also make perfect confetti hampers for passing around after the ceremony.


Mini Market Baskets from £26

Image: @funmimajeks

Our mini bolga baskets are made for little hands – the perfect flower girl accessory which doubles up as a meaningful thank you gift to all the little helpers on your big day. Couples will often put together little activity packages if they have a group of younger bridesmaids and page boys in attendance at their wedding. Just fill mini bolga baskets with fun treats like colouring books, small toys, crayons and packets of sweets!

Can’t decide? Then give them the gift of choice and buy them a gift voucher to spend with us at their leisure.

July 06, 2022

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