A rich, earthy and warm palette is making waves in the interiors world this year, harking back to those groovy caramel, rust and burgundy tones that characterised the aesthetic of the Seventies. This was a decade that gave birth to Earth Day, as organic shapes and deep, elemental tones followed suit in the fashion and interiors worlds. 
With sustainability becoming an ever more pressing mission for so many industries, it’s no wonder that 2019 is seeing an interiors trend reminiscent of those hazy days of flower power and environmental activism. 
The hues we’re most excited about for 2019 are rich terracottas, baked-earth browns, and those dusky, slightly dirty pinks: all earth, sand and soil. We’re calling this warm and earthy medley ‘Rust Rose’, and we’ve been having great fun putting together a collection of woven baskets in all of these blush, rust and earthen tones. 
“Millennial pink is a colour of the (very recent) past. Now, softer shades like rosy neutrals and muted blushes, which reflect a spirituality, are being favoured. Unlike millennial pink, these hues are less trendy and more timeless.”
-       Elle Decoration US
A natural evolution from New Neutrals, these most temperate tones pair beautifully with fresh, piercing teal, verdant green and bright gold, bringing warmth and a soothing sense of sanctuary to the home. Rust Rose is the more sophisticated sister of Millennial Pink and they work charmingly together; 
These colours are also a beautiful pairing for natural fibres and fabrics: sisal, wood, wicker and rattan Making more than a cursory nod to Japandi (when Japanese-style functionality meets cosy Scandi style) Rust Rose interiors work best when the forms are slightly organic, the patina gently worn-in. And of course, all of this plays into our ever-increasing desire to live more sustainably. Out with fast-fashion fads and in with perennial trends and carefully-made, carefully-chosen products which will stand the test of time in your home.
Use our brand new dusky pink tie dye baskets for keeping dry goods like rice and potatoes, or utensils and tea towels in one place. Offer bread or fruit in round sisal bread baskets like LAVUSIMO BLUSH with its striking geometric forms in woven lutindzi grass.

Our brand new ROSU Moses basket sports a dusky pink stripe against an undyed base of elephant grass. Just perfect in any pastel-hued nursery, these picture-perfect baby baskets are handwoven from hardy elephant grass in Ghana. 
Arrange your lotions, brushes, tubes and potions in an array of pink colour block baskets and unique fine weave baskets in natural dyes, tribal patterns and earthen tones. 

Utility Room
Add a splash of colour to your laundry corner with a WAPI or HAPA woven laundry basket - in raspberry pink or burnt orange. These stunning and sturdy lidded baskets are hand woven from doum palm leaf in the Turkana region of Kenya. 
Live La Vie en Rose!One of the many wonderful things about our ethical woven baskets is that they can be repurposed again and again as your home and your needs evolve. One handwoven basket can serve as a wastepaper bin and then a log basket, toy storage and bread basket – all in its fruitful lifetime. 
Shop the Rust Rose collection here. 

April 17, 2019

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