Our beautiful film - Weaving the Future by photojournalist Jack Taylor Gotch- will be screened at ECOFeminism Short Film Festival in London this weekend. Some of our baskets will also be popping up at the festival's pop up shop too! You can buy tickets to the event here.

Watch the film!

ECOFeminism Festival celebrates nature, women and their empowering connection, and so we're delighted that our short film will be shown alongside 15 other inspiring documentaries and works of drama at Genesis Cinema in Bethnal Green this Saturday.

Alice Nduku Matisya is our poster girl!

Our four-minute film takes you on a journey deep into the heart of one of the women’s weaving groups we work with in rural eastern Kenya. Here you’ll meet women like Alice, Peninah and Margaret, who each offer candid insights into how basket weaving brings them independence in various forms.

Jack captures some breathtaking images of Dorcas weaving on a break from farming duties. 

We hope you enjoy some behind-the-scenes snaps from filming our small series of documentaries in Kenya with Jack, Co-Founders Holly and Camilla, and Production Manager Peris. Head to our YouTube page to watch them all! 

Margaret weaves on camera and is interviewed by Peris, who translates from Swahili to English. So much multitasking happening here!

Camilla and Holly pose for a picture with Chairlady Dorcas Ndinda - watch our film about her role within the weaving group here.
Basket weaving is a portable, flexible craft. Women can earn a second income from weaving whilst keeping up their other responsibilities - from farming to market trading to raising their children and grandchildren. Click here to watch our short film on a weaver who flexes basket weaving with her work running a market stall. 

October 11, 2021

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