As the days get darker and temperatures continue to drop over the coming weeks as we edge into November, many of us are seeking a deeper sense of warmth and comfort in richer textures and tones.

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And with ‘party season’ and the cosseting Christmas period just around the corner, slightly decadent, jewel tones like teal, amethyst, emerald green and fuchsia might be finding a place in our homes as well as our wardrobes.

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But teal isn’t just for Christmas. This tone and it's gem-like sisters work beautifully with the warmth of teak and other dark wood tones, making teal and co the perfect pop of colour for a mid-century styled sitting room, for example.


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Teal pairs beautifully with coral, mustard, blush, powder pink, burnt orange, russet reds and earthy tones – and all jewel hues go gloriously with brassy accents. 


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Teal works equally well in a bathroom or bedroom, since this particular colour brings balance and calm. Being a combination of blue and green - which both emit light wavelengths - teal requires little adjustment for the eyes and is therefore a restful colour. So it’s no wonder that we see a lot of this colour in spas and on the packaging of wellness products…


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5 tips for working jewel tones into your home


  1. Use soft, luxurious fabrics like velvet to enhance rich jewel tones. Think cushions, throws and even curtains!


  1. Jewel coloured accents really pop against a flat, dark canvas. Calm, grey walls in a steely grey will let you use jewel tones fearlessly elsewhere in the room.


  1. Jewel-coloured glassware will brighten up a dark coloured living space. Try this on console table, or beside a window flooded by natural light.


  1. Darker pieces of furniture make jewel colours work harder.


  1. Add a dash of drama to your walls by mixing up bold jewel tones and a geometric pattern.
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October 25, 2019

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