JIONI: XL Dusky Pink Storage Basket £59

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Spring is THE time for a therapeutic sort out. If the winter months are about fortifying our nests and making them warm and comfortable for hunkering down into, springtime is all about feathering that nest: creative embellishments, uplifting décor and practical touches that add aesthetic value. 

MAIVA: Natural Wave Dancing Basket from £45

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That need to tidy up is potentially even more urgent this year as many of us are (still…) working from home and trying to manage the extra clutter and chaos this brings into our home lives.

  Round Sisal Baskets from £16
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We asked you on IG to share your decluttering conundrums with us and you came back with a whole host of challenges for us to find woven solutions to. Safe to say, there’s a basket for practically every home storage need…

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Can you recommend a good basket for keeping my kids' lego and train tracks in? I hate the unsustainability (and the look!) of plastic boxes and tubs.

Our Upcycled Yarn Baskets are fab for children's toys: bold and bright, and woven from yarn so they're softer to touch than sisal or elephant grass baskets. And if sustainability's your thing (YAY) then you'll also love that the yarns used to weave these baskets come from upcycled woolly jumpers!

Our lidded laundry baskets are great for stashing away fancy dress costumes and bulkier toys - and they come in some lovely colours.

Our Round Sisal Baskets and Unique Woven Planter Baskets come in a variety of sizes and all look great on shelves, as demonstrated in this glorious toy cupboard...

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Mini bolga baskets make wonderful ethical gifts for little ones and fun easter baskets for chocolate egg hunts. Children will delight in filling their baskets with sweets and treasures, taking them out on shopping trips and role playing at home.

KUSEBI: Navy and Pink Woven Mini Market Basket £26

Is there a basket I can slide under a bed or sofa, to keep baby changing things in?

Our baby changing baskets are approximately 10-13 centimetres tall and will neatly slide under many beds and sofas with legs. We've also seen them repurposed as tabletop and ottoman trays. Love!

I'm doing all my yoga classes from home at the moment. Is there a tall basket I could pop my mat, blocks, blanket and straps in so I can keep them in the sitting room without tripping over them constantly?

Ghanaian Log Baskets from £110 

Our new log baskets could be just the ticket. They'll add colour and texture to your sitting room while taking away the clutter. 

I’d love to find a basket to keep important paperwork in...

We think these Tanzanian RAHISI baskets look stunning lined up on a shelf. They're square and flat-bottomed so they're ideal for paperwork. 

 Natural Square Storage Baskets from £14
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Is there a basket I can hide away my work stuff in at the end of the day, and stash under the kitchen table?
The BUSUNU shopping baskets come in three sizes and they're sturdy enough to stand alone and hold a laptop, cables, headphones and your diary. We like the fact that it's essentially a handbag that doubles up as storage - win, win!

Another smart buy would be a round floor basket, because they're sturdy and shallow - though perhaps too pretty to hide away under a table!

Ghanaian Round Woven Floor Baskets from £79

Can you suggest a basket to help me create more storage space in my  kitchen?

Sounds like you need vertical storage! Our jute macrame hangers are handmade by women in Bangladesh and were originally produced for this exact purpose: creating more space in the home.  Choose from one, two or three tiers, add a basket to each tier and fill with dishwasher tablets, fruit, veg, teabags and coffee beans... or just plants!

Can you recommend a small storage basket with a lid that I can stash loo rolls in?

NYUMBA Black & Natural Storage Baskets from £25

Try a NYUMBA milulu grass basket - they come in four sizes. The smallest ones are ideal for keeping fiddly bathroom stuff like cotton wool, reusable make up pads and tampons in. 

MAIVA: Natural Wave Dancing Basket from £45

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April 13, 2022

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