The Basket Room Fashion Revolution Week

Nkiyauni Lechinia (left) and Ntomulan Lesainia (right) Weavers of our Pambo Palm Collection 

“The global fashion industry is opaque, exploitative and environmentally damaging and desperately needs revolutionary change.” - Fashion Revolution 

We’re proudly supporting Fashion Revolution next week, because we wholeheartedly believe that fashion should feel good. Did you know that today only half of the 219 biggest fashion brands in the world know which factories their products are manufactured in? Or that only 25% of these big labels know where the zippers, buttons, threads and fabrics that make their clothes came from?  

A lack of transparency can cost lives. Companies simply cannot claim that human rights are being upheld in their name if they don’t know where every single part of their product is sourced and made.

By celebrating the provenance of our beautiful woven African baskets and the talented people who weave them, we operate a totally transparent supply chain. In regularly visiting the weavers we trade with, we strengthen the powerful connection between maker and buyer. Through working with cooperatives and sourcing all our materials locally, we’re championing fair trade and a sustainable business model.

The Basket Room Fashion Revolution Week

Peninah and Peninah, Weavers of our Shopper Collection

Fashion Revolution is a worldwide campaign calling for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. Fashion Revolution believes that transparency is the first step to transform the industry, and all of this begins with one simple question: Who Made My Clothes?

Visit the Fashion Revolution homepage for an easy-to-fill out form which converts to a Tweet: all you need to do is choose the brand you want to make contact with and the product you’d like to know more about. Add a selfie of yourself holding up your label for extra clout.

One simple question holds much power, making brands accountable for how their products are sourced, produced and purchased. So next week, we’ll be taking to social media, showing our labels and reaching out to the brands we buy from. Who’s with us?

Fashion Revolution Week takes place from 24th-30th April 2017, to coincide with the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh. It was here that 1,138 people were killed and many more injured on 24th April 2013.

You can join the revolution here.

Read an interview with our weavers here.

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