The pandemic has left a deep, permanent imprint in our lives and in our homes. As we stand on the brink of restrictions lifting and the beginning of the end of this chapter in history, some of us might be beginning to free up corners of their homes again. 

Ghanaian handwoven dog basket repurposed as toy storage. Image credit: @jasminehemsley

No longer is your bedroom a gym. No longer is the kitchen a classroom or the living room a nursery! If we have a spare bedroom, it’s looking more likely that it might host visiting friends and family again soon.  Things are looking up…

Grayson Perry: The Vanity of Small Things

The first lockdown of 2020 saw a huge surge in DIY, paint and craft sales and the evolution of zeitgeist TV programmes like Grayson Perry’s ‘Art Club’ and BBC’s Repair Shop.

Selling sites like Depop saw real growth, and many of us turned to art, crafts, repurposing and home improvement projects to keep our hands busy and our minds stimulated with fresh experiences and creative challenges in the darkest weeks of isolation.  

Not going out? Use your Nifty Knit Bucket Bag to store craft materials. Image credit: @_wildhand_

Our shopping habits have become more considered, too, as the pandemic (and Brexit) has forced us to consider provenance whilst calling for urgent support of independent producers. 

Speckled glass tumblers spotted at @ydre_oe

Natural materials like rattan, sisal and wicker, and global crafts like Murano glassmaking and handweaving have seen a revival in the past year as we've dealt with wanderlust and nostalgia on an unprecedented scale. 

Modernist face motifs reminiscent of Picasso's ladies have appeared on everything from rugs and mugs to wall hangings and woven baskets.

JICHO  Hand Embroidered Eye Basket £40

In the absence of new experiences and discoveries, we’ve redrawn our boundaries and sought adventure much closer to home.  Our homes have always been our castles but for many of us they have for the first time become symbols of self-expression. 

Express your shelf! Image Credit: @wheretheeightdwell

So in this hopeful new world, we’re looking for ways to create joyful homes that celebrate self-expression and the art of discovery: our own personal museums!

Kenyan Fringed Wall Hangings from £23


So let your home be your canvas! Bring in joy, colour and sustainable craft with handmade baskets, woven rugs and wall hangings in colours and patterns that speak to your boldest self. ⁠This is a brave new world - have fun and rediscover your creativity!⁠⁠

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July 14, 2021

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