Bathrooms can have a special, calming atmosphere, once you close that door behind you, the space becomes yours, yours to breathe in deeply and let out slowly. A place for meditative stillness, relaxation and a bit of me time. 

A clean, tidy bathroom, with little luxuries here and there is what many of us aspire to! Crisp, fresh white towels, a bottle of aromatherapy bubble bath and gorgeous scented candles. Our favourites are Neal's Yard Soothing Bath Oil, with lavender & geranium and the softest sumptuous organic bamboo towels by EKO. Shop for organic plant wax scented candles, these don't give off nasty toxins when lit. 

A simple way to keep your bathroom both clutter free & inviting, is to have only the absolute necessities on show: candles, towels & a plant or two. Everything else that doesn't need to be 'seen', ought to be kept hidden!  Use a large sisal basket to keep your clean towels or toilet rolls in, making a stylish statement. Tidy those 'less attractive' bottles into smaller baskets on the window ledge or a shelf. Display your special bottles of hand soap and bubble bath, ready for your guests to use.

Make a little stack of short stories or novels by the bath, to give you some private reading time without disturbance. Add some pebbles collected from the beach, or some sea shells. 

Now light a candle, run the water & pour in your favourite scent, lie back and close your eyes....let peace & relaxation run from head to toe.

Purple Haze Collection


August 12, 2015

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