At The Basket Room we are always on the hunt for new baskets, so when we came into contact with the weavers of Samburu we immediately fell in love with their creations! These baskets are different from those made by our other groups, they use Doum Palm instead of Sisal, a type of Palm tree that has edible fruits tasting a little like gingerbread! 
These baskets aren't just any old baskets, they have a story, a story which involves camels and milking...yes, camels and milking. Traditionally these very densely woven baskets were used to collect milk from the camels of the Samburu and Rendille people. They would have been coated in a waterproof substance and smoked to make them watertight. Until recently, basket weaving was a dying art in the villages, until its revival to make what was a milking basket into a decorative home accessory. Using the traditional Rendille weaving style and adding Samburu designs and beads, these baskets are now very much sought after. 

Each is very densely woven incorporating the beads into the weave, making them extremely durable, long lasting and of high quality. Ideal decorative storage baskets for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room. We love their modern rustic appeal and are so very glad that this art was saved and we can bring you these stunning creations today. 

Read about the weavers of Samburu HERE and see the whole collection HERE



June 09, 2015

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