WOO: Black and Orange Rectangular Baskets

£ 43.00

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Embrace the colour-blocking trend and usher in a little more order and style to the home with our WOO rectangular storage baskets.

Sporting either a black or orange band of colour against a natural undyed grass base (medium size is orange whilst the small and large baskets are black), these hand woven baskets – also known as bolga baskets - are robust enough to store fireside kindling or office folders and paperwork, and work beautifully as bathroom and bedroom storage baskets too.

Each woven storage basket takes up to three days complete, and is made from an indigenous Ghanaian grass called veta vera. The process is time-consuming: before weaving can begin the grass must be collected and split by hand, then hand-rolled and dyed. Only then can a weaver from our partner weaving cooperative begin her skilful work.

Most of the 1000-strong group of weavers in this Northern Ghana cooperative are agricultural workers, though relying on a season’s rainfall is unpredictable. Basket weaving offers an alternative means of income to farming communities, and to own one of our woven baskets is to become a vital part of our journey: a tale of sustainability, community and craftsmanship. Every woven basket comes with a thank you card from the co-operative that made yours. You can meet the weavers from Ghana HERE.




Small: D23cm x W31cm x H19cm (Black & Natural)

Medium: D24cm x W33cm x H24cm (Orange & Natural)

Large: D26cm x W38cm x H26cm (Black & Natural)

Price is for one basket, please select size from the drop down menu. Not sold as a set of three unless each one is purchased individually.

The baskets stack into one another to form a set of three - price is for each individual size, not a set of three. 

If your basket gets wet, simply leave it to dry naturally and re-shape. As each basket is individually handmade, some variation in size and colour may occur.



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