WENE: Pot Lidded Bolga Basket

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WENE is a pot-shaped basket woven in traditional Ghanaian bolga style, with the handy addition of a lid. Made from sustainably-sourced veta vera grass in Northern Ghana, this un-dyed and ethically woven basket is the perfect accessory for market trips and days out lunching. 

Each shopping basket can take up to three days to weave by hand, and is made from robust veta vera grass which produces baskets of wonderful structural balance and durability. This indigenous grass is hand picked from the tip, hand-rolled and dyed in boiling water before it is ready to be woven by a skilled member of our partner weaving cooperative in Northern Ghana.

Agricultural work is the mainstay of most of these Ghanaian weavers’ incomes, but the pervasive dry seasons makes it increasingly difficult for families to meet school fees and medical bills. Basket weaving brings opportunity to earn a valuable – and flexible - second income. Each shopping basket comes with a thank you card from the weaving co-operative that made yours. Want to know more about the Ghanaian weavers? Click here



Dimensions: W22cm x H22cm (width is measured at widest part of basket)

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.



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