WARIDI: Large Pink and Yellow Woven Shopper

£ 60.00

A statement shopper bag for spa trips, market shopping and overnight stays, the fabulous WARIDI boasts vibrant yellow and pink stripes on a 100% natural dye base, and is handmade in the Eastern Region of Kenya.

Beautifully hand woven by one of the weaving cooperative’s 45 female members, the WARIDI is made from local Kenyan sisal grass. The sisal leaves go through a lengthy process of harvesting, rolling, and dyeing with soil before weaving begins.

Buying one of our woven shopping bags directly supports these women and their families in becoming less dependent on subsistence farming, which is very unreliable during the dry seasons. Each shopper bag comes with a thank you card from the cooperative that made yours. Meet the weavers HERE.

Material:  SISAL

Dimensions (approx): 

Width: 45cm

Height: 26cm

Depth: 24cm

Handle Drop: 15cm

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