TITINGO: Brown Rim Bird Nest Bowls - Set of 3

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A set of three open weave bowls crafted from indigenous Mkenge tree roots in Zambia, with a brown rim crafted from rolled and twisted roots. These intricately woven bowls will look striking on any interior surface, from shelves and sideboards to dining tables and bedside stands. We only have one set of these bird nest bowls available – they’re a real one-off!

These bird nest bowls are woven by men and women who belong to the Lozi Tribe in rural Zambia. Their work is supported by a provincial NGO which was set up nearly thirty years ago. This group runs a craft centre where weavers can travel to work from and board at, if they wish.  

Weaving brings men and women a reliable second income to supplement agricultural livelihoods which are often quite irregular thanks to drought. In this region of Zambia it is typical for families to earn their income through growing crops like rice, maize and vegetables, or through through fishing, livestock and poultry.


Material: Mkenge Tree Roots

Dimensions: DIA
Small: 23cm
Medium: 29cm
Large: 34cm

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.


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