The Basket Room x Jigsaw Handwoven Tote: Pink

£ 59.00 £ 75.00

Meet the stunning pink stripe handwoven basket bag, produced in collaboration with Jigsaw and hand woven by a skilled weaving cooperative member in Kenya. This is a vibrant summer tote bag that’s perfect for days on the beach, trips to the market and mornings at the yoga studio.

Woven from local sisal grass, each basket bag takes up to six days to complete. Weaving – an art form typically passed from mothers to daughters in Kenya – is done here and there, fitting in around family duties and agricultural work, since most weavers in this cooperative are primarily farmers. Attaching the basket bag’s beautiful leather straps is the final touch, carried out locally at a leading tannery whose mission is to promote locally sourced materials.

Basket weaving is a powerful means of additional income for these weavers, whose main revenue from crop production can be erratic in the dry seasons. Producing woven baskets enables these women (as most weavers are female) to sustain their family roles and their agricultural duties whilst raising extra funds for essentials like school fees and clothes. Many use their extra income to invest in their own small businesses, and enjoy the financial freedom that comes with not having to rely entirely on their husband’s wages.

When you take home a woven basket bag you’re not only supporting these weavers to better support their own families, you are also helping to pave the way for a more ethical working world.

Material:  SISAL & LEATHER

Dimensions: W45cm x H29cm (width is measured at widest part of bag)

Strap Length: 29cm 

Leather used is a by-product of the food industry



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