TAZAMA: Blue Cloud Woven Shopper

£ 45.00 £ 105.00

Soft blue and flecked with white - like gentle waves on the Indian Ocean - the gorgeous TAZAMA is hand woven in Kenya’s rural Eastern Region. This spacious shopper bag can be packed with essentials for overnighters, and is an equally useful everyday handbag with room for your gym kit or groceries.

One of just 45 women produced this lovely shopper bag by hand, working as part of a rural weaving cooperative in the rural Eastern Region of Kenya. Made from local sisal grass, the preparation process is detailed and all performed by hand: the plant’s leaves are harvested, hand-rolled and then dyed in boiling water.

Every one of our hand woven bags come with a thank you card from the cooperative that made it, and you can meet those weavers HERE. Many members of this women’s weaving cooperative are from farming families, largely relying on unpredictable rainfall and an unreliable income. Basket weaving has become a valuable source of alternative income for these communities.


Material:  SISAL

Dimensions (approx): 


Width: 45cm

Height: 26cm

Depth: 24cm

Handle Drop: 15cm



Width: 65cm

Height: 34cm

Depth: 32cm

Handle Drop: 16cm



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