TAIFA: Brown/Black Cloud Woven Storage Basket

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Our beautiful TAIFA baskets all boast a beautiful dark brown and natural tie-dye effect, featuring flecks of pinks throughout the weave! Hand woven in in South Western Kenya, these natural woven baskets can be put to good use all over the home as chic and practical storage baskets. This basket can be purchased in three different handy sizes. Smaller baskets can be used as stylish desk tidies, planters for cacti and succulents, and flower pots. The larger sizes make fabulous storage baskets for bathroom supplies and toiletries to hats, gloves and scarves. 

The craftswomen who produce the TAIFA baskets work within a large weaving cooperative, benefitting from fairly-paid work and flexible workloads. The Basket Room works with these particular weaving groups because of their skills in weaving repeat patterns, meeting weekly with their managers to negotiate work, deliver completed orders and receive their wages. A traditional twining method is used to produce this range of sisal baskets: an intricate weave which uses two elements woven skillfully around a central spoke. The groups purchase sisal grass ready-rolled once we place our orders with these weaving cooperatives, and it is then hand-dyed in large vats before being hung to dry.

Each cloud basket is supplied information about the cooperative who made yours, and you can meet the weavers HERE. Weaving takes place largely during the dry seasons when work is scarce, since the majority of weavers are from farming families who rely largely on subsistence farming. To take home one of our unique woven baskets is to support us in empowering women to provide for themselves and their families.



Dimensions (approx): 

S: 13cm DIA x 13cm H
M: 20cm DIA x 20cm H
L:  30cm DIA x 30cm H

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.



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