SIASA: Large Brown Sisal Basket

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The SIASA is a stunning celebration of 100% natural dyes: black, white, and brown stripes combine in a most striking, textured effect. This unique basket was produced by a talented craftswoman in Kenya’s rural Coastal Region, working to her own basket weave pattern and her personal colour choices. There is only one of these woven baskets: once it’s gone, it’s gone. 

This unique woven basket will bring a natural splash of Kenyan style to any corner of the home. Use SIASA in the larder for storing fruit or veg, or pop yours in the bathroom for tidying away loo rolls or toiletries. Use yours on your dressing table jewellery, scarves and trinkets, or by the wood burner for keeping old newspapers and kindling. The possibilities are endless, but for more basket inspiration, see our uses page HERE.  

The process involved in producing these unique baskets is meticulous and highly skilled. Sisal grass is hand stripped using wooden tools and bare feet, and then it is hand rolled to a very fine twine on the thighs before being woven using a classic twining technique. The dyes used to create the dynamic colourways in SIASA are all 100% natural, and dyed by hand.

The Basket Room is proud to work with a Community Based Organisation representing several women’s weaving cooperatives in Kenya. These most artistic collectives enjoy the flexible working conditions offered by basket weaving, and the rates of pay guaranteed by working within a cooperative. By purchasing one of these baskets you play your own part in empowering women to financially support themselves and their families through the dry seasons. 

Material:  SISAL

Dimensions: 35cm Dia x 28cm H

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.



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