SHINA: Unique Beaded Pambo Planter

£ 65.00

Unique, fair trade and hand woven in rural Kenya. There is only one NAME in existence: once she’s gone, she’s gone! Orange, yellow and blue beading pops against a woven doum palm base, blending the tight weaving of Rendille basketry and the delicate beading seen in headwear and necklaces of the Samburu tribe.

Milk is a livelihood for the Ngurunit Weavers Group of Northern Kenya, subsistence famers who herd camels, goats and sheep. Traditionally used to collect camels’ milk thanks to their tight weave, these baskets almost disappeared from production when plastic and metal collection vessels took over. Palm leaf baskets woven in this traditional Rendille style have made a comeback in recent years though, having found a place in the modern home as practical and beautiful planters.

Working as part of a cooperative, the craftswomen of Ngurunit are paid a fair wage for their work and can weave in their spare time. This is a truly ethical craft form, and you support this fair trade when you pick SHINA for your home. Each woven planter comes with a thank you card from the Ngurunit Weavers Group – and you can meet them HERE.


MATERIAL: Doum Palm Leaf

DIMENSIONS: 18.5cm H x 17.5cm D


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