SAFU: Extra Large Pink and Light Blue Wool Basket

£ 75.00

This beautiful striped basket is a real one-off, since each of these woollen baskets is unique in its design and woven from the yarn from upcycled sweaters and local sisal grass. SAFU will bring a splash of Kenyan colour to any corner of the home with its patterns of red, light blue, black and green. Use yours for storing hats, slippers and gloves, or pop yours in the playroom for keeping toys tidied away. These woven baskets also make super planters and laundry baskets.

This type of African woven basket takes up to four days to complete, and is known officially as a Kiondo (kee-yon/-doh) and these baskets were traditionally woven by mothers as unique wedding gifts for their daughters. Kiondo weaving has until recently been a declining art in Kenya, though today it is in revival thanks to the handful of small weaving groups still practising this beautiful craft.

A classic twining method is used to create these African baskets - two woollen elements are bound around a central pole of local sisal twine. The coloured wool comes from upcycled jumpers, purchased from second hand clothes markets and washed and unravelled at home. The weavers themselves decide which colours and patterns to use for each basket, enjoying full artistic license

You become a patron of this lost art when you purchase one of our woollen Kiondo baskets, and you also become part of our journey supporting Kenyan weavers through fair trade. Basket weaving provides a sustainable source of income to these weavers – largely farming communities - whose primary income can be unreliable. You can meet the weavers HERE.



Dimensions: 35-38cm HEIGHT

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.



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